Jillian Banner is adrift.

Her brother, Gabe, had been her anchor since she was thirteen. But now he’s gone, leaving behind a pregnant fiancée and a business under investigation by the IRS. Jillian is alone, having left the only man she ever loved under a haze of betrayal.

Mark Chambers spent the summer trying to get over the loss of Jillian. Now that he also lost his best friend, Gabe, he’s barely keeping it together. He never betrayed Jillian, but he can’t tell her the truth, even if it was all for her. He made promises, and those promises go beyond the grave.

In mourning, Mark and Jillian tentatively restart a relationship, throwing their support behind the mother of Gabe’s child. As the owner of an aquatic store, Jillian takes on her hardest challenge yet, helping a business partner sell captive-bred seahorses.

But just when Jillian begins to trust Mark again, she finds the men in her life built walls of lies to protect her. To stay afloat, Jillian has to learn what she wants, what she needs and how to be her own anchor.

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